Thursday, June 25, 2015

Seven Benefits of Well-Maintained Air Conditioning

There's a reason why we sweat and feel uncomfortable when it gets hot. The body is stressed and is trying to cool itself down. We have an internal thermostat that makes us shiver when it's too cold and makes us sweat when it's too warm. There is nothing inherently healthy about roughing it when it's too hot. A comfortable environment is optimal for the body's functioning and benefits us in many ways. Some of these benefits include:


While this benefit is obvious, it is the main reason why most people use air conditioning. Comfort is important for well-being and enjoyment of life. However, air conditioning can lead to discomfort if the thermostat setting is too low. Shivering in the middle of July is no more comfortable than shivering in the middle of January. Make sure the temperature is set at a comfortable level at your home, store, or office.


This benefit ties into being in an environment that's optimal for the body's functioning. When a person is hot, more of his blood is diverted to the skin where it is cooled before circulating through the body. More blood in the skin means less blood is available to provide oxygen and nutrients to the brain, organs, and muscles of the body. This is why you are more intellectually active and physically energetic in an air-conditioned room than in the sweltering heat. This promotes high productivity and means you'll get more things done at work and at home.


Adequate and uninterrupted sleep is vital to your health and mental functioning, and a comfortable environment promotes sleep. Being able to keep the windows closed at night prevents outside noise from interrupting your sleep.


While intact screens keep out mosquitoes and most other air-borne pests, some insects, such as very small gnats, can get through ordinary screens. Closed windows keep these pests out.

Home Security

Another benefit of keeping your windows closed and locked at night is that it makes home entry more difficult. Screens can be quietly cut by an intruder while breaking into locked windows means breaking the glass, which is noisy and attracts attention.

Senior Health

The elderly have less tolerance to high heat and humidity than the rest of the population. Extreme heat can be very hazardous for them. This is why you should always check on your grandparents/parents during heat waves to ensure that their air conditioners are on and working properly.

Air Quality

An air conditioner that is properly maintained and operated reduces pollen, air particulates, bacteria, dust, house mites, and pet fur. This is especially important for those who suffer from allergies and respiratory conditions. Make sure to take a close look at the air filter the next time you clean or replace it.

Remember that these benefits only occur with well-maintained air conditioners set at the right temperature. If your AC unit isn't functioning as it should, give us a call – we’d be happy to come check it out and get it working correctly again!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Seven Air Conditioning Tips for Surviving Heat Waves

It's that time of year again, when Mother Nature dials up the heat. While air conditioning in your home certainly takes the edge off the sweltering summer heat, there are a number of tricks you can use to make your abode even more comfortable.

Set Your Air Conditioner At 78 Degrees

This is the best setting for comfort, power consumption, and efficient operation of your AC unit. Temperatures lower than 68 degrees may cause your air conditioner to freeze up and can make the transition of going outdoors very uncomfortable. After a few weeks, the body adapts to the heat so that the 78 degrees in your home will feel comfortable compared to the outdoor heat.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Running

Turning off the AC during the day when you're at work allows the air and the contents of your home to heat up. Cooling them down when you get back home overworks the air conditioner and leaves you feeling uncomfortable for several hours while you wait for things cool down. Instead, an adjustment of just a few degrees while you're away is all that's necessary.

Shut Out The Heat

Keep the curtains closed on the sun facing sides of your home. Sunlight in the summer puts out a lot of heat, which makes your AC unit work harder. Just like you would in the winter to keep out the cold, keep your windows and doors closed in the summer to keep out the heat.

Use Overhead Fans

Overhead fans, which use minimal energy, allow you to feel comfortable at a higher temperature setting. Make sure the fan is directing air downward.

Keep Air Conditioning Vents Clear Of Obstructions

Keep furniture and other objects away from the vents and thermostat. Make sure that outdoor AC units are clear of nearby vegetation.

Avoid Generating Heat

During the hottest times of the day, avoid cooking large meals on your stove, taking long hot baths or showers, doing laundry, or using the dishwasher. These activities pump a lot of heat and humidity into your home.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Maintained

Check your AC filters and clean or replace them if necessary. Call us for a tune up before the dog days of summer arrive.