Thursday, June 29, 2017

What If I Need Air Conditioning Service Repair?

When your air conditioner goes out, it can be a disaster - especially in the summer in Scottsdale AZ. Getting your a/c back up and running again will become the number one priority. This does raise some very important questions:
  • Can I repair my air conditioner myself or do I need to hire someone?
  • If I do need to hire, should I hire a local contractor or a company professional?
  • Can our budget afford this? What kind of pricing will I be looking at?
  • How long will this take? Is it going to be anywhere between a day and a month?
  • Does the repair service come with a warranty? If it quits again in a month, will they come back out for free?
The answers to these questions can fluctuate, the main reason being the difference between having built-in heating and cooling for the home, or if your home is equipped with window unit air conditioners or portable ones. Typically, window units and portable air conditioners do not need to be repaired, simply replaced. The exception to this is if they are still under warranty and the manufacturer or business where they were purchased will repair them for free or a small fee.
With in-home cooling, whether you decide to hire locally or through a business, all of the above questions can be easily answered through their available website. If it does not list prices, area availability, time frames, warranty guarantees, and if there are any available promotions, there should at least be a contact number available to speak with someone in person about these questions. Any information you get through the website or through an individual, I would get a copy of in e-mail. This will ensure that if you end up speaking with someone else, you are still able to get the original terms you were quoted.
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