Monday, July 31, 2017

Why Is My Central Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

Is your central air conditioner blowing warm or hot air? When a customer asks these questions, they are understandably frustrated and aggravated. However, if you are experiencing this problem, there is no reason to sweat. While you may ultimately need a professional technician to inspect your air conditioning unit, there are some things you can do before making that call.

The fact is, there are many different reasons why an AC could blow warm or hot air. Regardless, the most common causes are simple. Today's article will walk you through some easy, do-it-yourself troubleshooting.

Causes of a Central AC Blowing Warm Air
1. Check Your Thermostat - believe it or not, having the thermostat set to "heat" is likely the most common reason for this issue. Also, with the fan switched to "on" means it will blow continuously, even when the AC unit is not cooling. So, the fix is simple. Switch the thermostat setting to "cool" and the fan to "auto."

2. Clean the Outside Unit - Bad weather can cause debris to build up around the air conditioning unit's components. These components require unrestricted airflow in order to draw the warm air from your home. Try sweeping away any visible debris and trim nearby hedges and any tall grass that could be getting in the way.

3. Check the Power - Your air condition unit is actually two parts. It is possible for the outside unit to lose power, but your inside unit to push warm air throughout your home. First, check your circuit breaker box to see if the breaker tripped. Next, find your "emergency shut off" switch, likely located on the home’s exterior wall. It can sometimes get accidentally switched off.

Today's article discussed some common causes for a central air conditioner blowing warm or hot air, and the easy do-it-yourself fixes. Nevertheless, if you still have a problem, it is time to call a professional air conditioning repair technician. You may have a refrigerant leak, damaged duct work, or another condition. Only a professional can properly diagnose and repair these problems.

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