Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Is Your Air Conditioning Problem Actually a Thermostat Problem?

A thermostat seems like a simple tool that regulates the temperature in your home, but it plays a bigger role than its size would suggest. The thermostat is essentially the brain of your air conditioner. It controls when it turns on, and when it doesn't. Just like the actual working parts of your air conditioning system, the thermostat can also manifest problems. Unfortunately, thermostat problems often do not present themselves as thermostat problems. They seem an awful lot like air conditioning problems.

Short Cycling

This can be a common air conditioner problem if you have an AC unit that is too big for your house. It turns on and shuts off a short time later without running the full cycle. This means your home is not cooled efficiently. Your energy bills go up, the temperature is unstable, and it wears your unit down faster. However, if a thermostat has a temperature sensor malfunction, it can cause this issue all on its own.

Incorrect Temperature

You set your thermostat to a nice 70 degrees, but it sure doesn't feel like it. Using a thermometer, you find that your home is either much higher or much lower than that. This can be a case of thermostat miscalibration. Essentially, it thinks this incorrect temperature is what you set it to despite the reading.

Blower Fan Malfunction

The blower fan is responsible for circulating the cold air created in your air conditioning unit. However, if it is not cycling off or just never starts, it is likely that it is not getting the proper signals from your thermostat. If it runs constantly, sometimes the problem is as simple as the fan was set to "ON". However, both issues can be caused by faulty wiring in your thermostat.
Our team of experts at JR Perkins Heating & Cooling knows that while miscalibration can typically be fixed quickly, most other thermostat issues will require the thermostat to be replaced. The good news is that an air conditioning issue that is really a thermostat issue is much more affordable to fix.
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