Sunday, April 15, 2018

Air Conditioning in Allergy Season

If allergy season is hitting you hard, it may be time to ensure that your air conditioner is a helper and not a hindrance. By keeping the places that collect dust, pollen, mold, and other harmful particulate matters spic and span, your air conditioner can aid in preventing an unnecessarily uncomfortable spring.

Vents and Filters

Keeping your doors and windows shut while allergy-triggering pollen flies around outside may not be enough to prevent the sniffles and sneezes. Keep your vents and filters clean as a whistle so that stealth pollen doesn't bother you or your family members. You may also want to consider a Home Performance Audit to find out just how air is circulating in your home, seal up unsealed ductwork, or fix problematic areas like air leaks that might be causing minor health issues for your family.

Ducts and Carpets

It's also important to keep your ducts and carpets as clean as possible. Leftover particulate matter from home renovation projects or just plain old dust left in ducts and circulated by your AC will agitate your allergies. Furthermore, mold growing atop tile or in damp corners can become mold particles in your circulated air. Your properly maintained air conditioner can work as a dehumidifier to keep your home dry and prevent growths. It's also important to keep tiled areas clean of any possible mold to prevent reactions. You should always consult your J.R. Perkins Heating & Cooling technician before deep cleaning carpets and ducts.

Air Quality

You may want to consider a HEPA filter or air cleaner, but it could restrict air flow. Consider a Trane CleanEffects Air Cleaner for the prevention of allergic reactions in your household and improved air quality.

When you come home from a long day during allergy season, your home should be a haven and not another place that might agitate you and your loved ones further. For more information, contact the professionals at J.R. Perkins Heating & Cooling.

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