Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Properly Cleaning Out Your Air Conditioning Unit

If you use an air conditioner to cool down your home or apartment during warmer months, it is likely you do not wish to experience downtime due to improper maintenance. Yearly assessments of your air conditioner, in addition to regular cleaning sessions of the components within the unit, will aid in keeping your machine working at times you need it most. Here are some steps to follow when cleaning out a window unit.

Turn Off Power To Your Unit Before Doing A Cleaning Session
Before you clean out your air conditioner, make sure it is not plugged into an electrical outlet. Failing to unplug your air conditioning unit before doing a cleaning session can lead to the possibility of an electrical shock as you will be working with the interior portions of the unit with cleaners and water. While turning off the unit will aid in keeping it from running during your cleaning session, electricity will still be present if you do not unplug it.

Remove The Grill Cover And Clean Out The Coils To Remove Debris
The exterior side of your unit will have a cover present which you will be able to remove rather easily. Pry the cover away from the unit with a screwdriver if it does not come loose when you use your fingertips to pull it away from the main portion of the air conditioner. When this cover is taken off, coils underneath will be exposed. These coils should remain free of debris to ensure maximum efficiency in the cooling of the interior of your home or apartment. To remove surface dust, dip a piece of microfiber cloth in water and wring out the cloth to remove excess liquid. Use the cloth to gently wipe down each coil by hand.

Use A Vacuum Cleaner To Remove Excess Dust And Change The Filter
The grill portion of your air conditioner, in addition to the inside components, can be vacuumed to remove dirt. Use a soft brush attachment to do the job. When you vacuum the interior of the unit, do not rub the brush over any of the components as you remove dirt. Instead, keep the brush an inch or so away from components to aid in the avoidance of damage to them. Swap the brush attachment with a crevice tool to remove dirt from the fins that make up the grill portion of your unit. After dirt is removed, slide out the air filter and replace it with a new one. If your machine has a washable filter, remove it and soak it in a sink full of warm water for several minutes and allow to air dry before placing back in your unit.

It is best to have your air conditioning unit serviced yearly. This will ensure it is able to be used during the hottest temperatures without unnecessary downtime. If you require assistance in maintaining your air conditioning unit, do not hesitate to contact JR Perkins to schedule an appointment. JR Perkins is the first heating and air conditioning company in the East Valley, serving Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ. To learn more please visit our website at or call (480) 422-4437.