Friday, July 31, 2020

The Best Ways to Prevent Air Conditioner Repair

While repair can be inevitable as your air conditioner ages, it doesn't have to be something you need to do every season. By taking proper care of your air conditioner, you can cut the amount of repairs that it will need to have over its lifetime in half. Proper care also means that your air conditioner will run longer before it starts manifesting problems. The issue is that most owners don't know what can even be done to care for an air conditioner.

Set It To The Correct Temperature

You may feel like setting your air conditioner well below the temperature you want cools your home faster, but that is a myth. In fact, the only thing that does is tell your air conditioner to run longer. This means that if it reaches your desired temperature and you forget to set it correctly, it add excess wear on your air conditioner.

Keep the Unit Clear

An air conditioning unit is built so that it can effectively drain away condensation and have good ventilation. However, letting the leaves pile up near it or allowing the grass to grow tall around it invites moisture that can cause rust to form.

Keeping the Unit Level

Most AC units are on a concrete slab or otherwise raised off the ground. This should remain perfectly level, but if you have had a particularly wet season and you notice the unit sloping, then that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. It will cause poor drainage and any built up moisture inside will cause damage.

Keep a Maintenance Schedule

The best thing you can do for your air conditioner is to schedule seasonal maintenance for it. When that technician comes out, they will take care of all the maintenance tasks that you don't know to do. This includes:
  • Cleaning the interior of the unit
  • Lubricating the necessary working parts
  • Checking for wear or damage
  • Making proper adjustments
  • Tightening any loosing bolts or screws
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