Thursday, June 9, 2016

Service Your Air Conditioning System after Each Tenancy in Your Rental Home

Although it is tempting to avoid routine home maintenance in hopes of saving money, you will only find yourself with lots of problems to fix, and they will not be inexpensive. For your own home, you may have no problem getting professional help to keep your home in tip-top shape. However, when you own a rental home, you may not think much about maintenance as you are not the one living there. It is best to service your air conditioning system after each tenancy to enjoy some noteworthy benefits.

Provide the Next Tenant with a Working System 

Your tenants deserve to live in a functional home, which includes the cooling system, especially in the Scottsdale area, where temperatures can reach over 100˚ Fahrenheit for months on end every year. If a potential tenant walks into a comfortable rental home in the middle of summer, they may feel that much more inclined to apply.

Do Not Miss Major Problems 

Not getting routine checkups can lead to missing out on crucial air conditioning issues. This minor mistake can lead to expensive repairs, which you want to avoid as a rental home owner.

Optimize Spending and Rental Value 

In cities like ours, where the cooling system is so important to living comfortably, utility costs can add up quickly, especially in older homes that are not well insulated. Unfortunately, it is even worse when an individual cannot maintain a comfortable temperature in their home because the cooling system does not work properly. Routine servicing will keep the cooling system working at peak level. Also, when applicants ask about the average utility bill, you can show them reasonably low numbers.

It is far better to spend money on air conditioning maintenance, as opposed to repairs. So, make sure to give the professionals at J.R. Perkins Heating & Cooling a call to tune-up the air conditioning system at your rental property - you won’t regret it!