Tuesday, January 22, 2019

What Happens During an Air Conditioner Repair Call

If your air conditioner is broken, the obvious answer is to call a repair service like JR Perkins Heating & Cooling to get it back on its feet again. However, you may wonder what needs to be done or what is expected of you. Sometimes the best way to take the uncertainty out of the situation is to be informed about what will happen.

Your air conditioner repair visit will probably start off in a way you might not expect. It is likely that our technician will first want to look at the thermostat rather than the air conditioner. You'd be surprised at how many problems are really just a result of thermostat programming issues.

After that potential cause has been crossed off, it is time to inspect the air conditioning unit. The best case scenario is your technician will open it up and the problem will become immediately apparent. Unfortunately, things usually aren't that simple, so they will usually begin a special diagnosis process. This might include your technician listening to your air conditioner and checking the wiring.

The process of discerning which part of the air conditioner is broken is very much one of trial and error. Often times, all it takes is one broken part in the process and nothing works. Therefore, it’s important for your JR Perkins Heating & Cooling technician to isolate the singular part that isn't working.

Once the failed part has been found, this is where you will come in. Your technician will explain what broke and what is necessary to fix it. We will also give you an accurate estimate of the cost before doing the repair. Often times, it is more cost effective to invest in a new air conditioner rather than repair your old one, especially if the repair is just a Band-Aid for age.

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