Thursday, October 29, 2020

Signs of a Dirty Evaporator Coil on Your Air Conditioner

For a healthy air conditioner, it is crucial that the system remains clean. During those yearly maintenance calls, this is mostly what the technicians do. They check the system for issues and clean it to prevent any issues. However, if you are a little lax with your seasonal maintenance, knowing the signs that your evaporator coil is getting a bit dirty can help you know it is time to prioritize that maintenance call.

Your Air Conditioner is Slow to Cool

Have you noticed your home getting cool, but not as quickly as it used to? This can be a good sign that your evaporator coil is dirty. When dust and dirt begin to stick on that coil, it acts as an insulator. It makes it more difficult for it to draw heat from the air as it is passed over it. The air will still get cooled, but it will take some time.

Rise in Energy Bills

As a dirty evaporator coil takes longer to cool the air, your air conditioner runs longer. The obvious byproduct of this is a rise in energy bills. The worse it gets, the higher your bill will become. Anything outside of your usual range should be eyed with suspicion.

Water and Ice Around the Unit

The ultimate issue that will happen if an evaporator coil becomes too dirty is that it will start to freeze. This ice will then melt or break off and you may see it around the unit. Anytime you see an abundance of water around your air conditioner is a reason to call a professional out to investigate.

Unfortunately, a dirty evaporator coil is not something you should be cleaning yourself. The issue is that too much force can cause big damage that will lead to an expensive replacement. It is best that if you notice any issues to call a professional with JR Perkins Heating & Cooling.

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